Updated: 31-12-2008
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2008 archive..... click on the image to see the finished item.

Charity Cape [Started 24th December: :Completed 29th December]

I fell in love with another Kim Hargreaves book - Amber, A Winter Gathering. On a whim, I bought some Big Wool in colour 25, Wild Berry, [100g; 87yd/80m] to go with it and knitted Helen this cape called Charity. I tried it on to model it for this picture, and it was amazingly warm and comfortable; I would not have expected a shoulder cape to be so warm, and it's very practical to wear casually, leaving the arms quite free. I plan to make one for myself now, but am thinking I will try and spin some yarn for the project.

French Market Bag [Started 1st December: :Completed 19th December]

In a felty mood I thought this looked like a bag that someone might actually use - even if (heaven forbid) they were not a knitter. Designed by Polly Outwaite, and available at Knitty.com.
I used Twilleys Freedom Spirit again in colour 502 [50g; 130yd/120m], but I used 2 strands of the yarn to get the right tension, (should be an Aran weight). There is an Aussie knitalong with a pattern for a larger bag in thicker wool.

Felted Slippers [Started 30th November: :Completed 5th December]

A birthday present - felted slipper kit. Made with two strands of a pure wool DK. I felted the slippers with the 2 bags, and despite knitting my size, the slippers are much too big, so I think they need another wash - it is harder to get the right temperature and degree of agitation required on a short wash cycle when you have an "intelligent" front loader designed expressly to look after your laundry!

Dumpling Bag [Started 24th November: :Completed 6th December]

Sweet little felted bag from Interweave Knits Fall 2008. Designed by Sharon Dreifuss, I was a bit disappointed to find the usual thing of there being basically no supply of the stated "lucite rings" needed for the cute closure.
I used Twilleys Freedom Spirit in colour 502 [50g; 130yd/120m], which is a nice felty sort of wool. This is a double knitting wool, so I used 3 strands of the yarn to get the right tension.

Olivia Tweed Cardigan [Started 14th November]

Delightful Kim Hargreaves cardigan from her book Thrown Together. Intended to be knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed, I am using a pale grey vintage DK Jaeger Lambswool Tweed that I have had in my possession for about 20 years. It is a much denser wool than the Rowan, so I hope I have enough to complete the project.

Winter Waistcoat [Started 26th October: :Completed 2nd November]

Vintage gilet pattern made using a grey mix Troon Tweed from Texere yarns, an Aran weight pure wool [100g; 184yd/170m] - this is an oiled wool, but I washed the completed item to remove the oil. I used the yarn double throughout.
The pattern will be available on-line in Pattern of the Month for January 2009.

River Rock Scarf II [Started 11th October: :Completed 25th October]

My second scarf using the pattern by Sivia Harding from No Sheep for You. I am using a Phildar yarn (chosen for its rich chocolate colour) Canasta [50g; 108yd/100m], colour 15, Café, 21% acrylic, 79% viscose - not silk, but closer to the yarn weight for which the pattern was written. This time I have put in fewer 'rocks' and have left the centre section blank as before. Beads purchased from GJ Beads at Knitting and Stitchery show at Alexandra Palace - obtaining the right beads prevented me from starting this project sooner - there is no substitute for seeing the beads 'in the flesh' to match with the wool.

Pink-Stripe Socks [Started 26th September: :Completed 9th November]

No - not "pretty in pink", as they are intended for a guy - to match a purchased Gap sweater. I followed the Web of Wool sock pattern, adapted with stripes, using using Phildar Préface [50g; 211yd/193m] in a discontinued grey shade, and Jaeger Baby Merino 4ply [50g; 200yds/183m] in pink, which, regrettably, Rowan have discontinued - along with the complete Jaeger brand.

Ribbed Cardigan [Started 20th August]

Requests for a "lighter weight cardigan" have resulted in my knitting this light grey ribbed example from the book Classic Knits for Men. It is in a DK yarn though - so not so very light weight - RYC Cashsoft DK, in shades 518 Thunder and 523 Lichen, 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere, [50g; 142yd/130m]. As always there is a tiny though elegant single row of another colour (black) - so I used an oddment of Patons Clansman DK (100% wool) for this.

Big-Birthday Slipover [Started 31st August: :Completed 22nd September]

Chosen by birthday boy himself it's "the jumper on the cover". I am wondering how it will look on a man twice the age of the model. However the book Classic Knits for Men is by Martin Storey (with Wendy Baker) and he always looks pretty cool in his own designs. Yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply, 100% wool, [25g; 120yd/110m]; main shade Storm Grey with Lewes Grey, Apple, Claret, and Celtic Mix.

Seaside Caps [Started 30th July: :Completed 22nd August]

Cotton sun hats in two styles made using Phildar Phil Crochet, in shade 930, 100% cotton [50g; 200yd/185m]; use with UK No 11 crochet hook - fine fingering weight.

On-line pattern available in Pattern of the Month August 2008.

Riviera Blue Homespun Socks [Started 7th August: :Completed 12th August]

Socks made from my first attempt at dying my homespun yarn. Wool is from Ava and Peter's Suffolk sheep, plied to a light weight double knitting (about 25 or 26 sts to 4 inches). Knitted toe up based on a pattern in the Twisted Sisters workbook and altered to accommodate my thicker wool.

Peter's Homespun Hat [Started 9th July: :Completed 12th July]

Woolly hat made from my first attempt at spinning. Wool is from Ava and Peter's Suffolk sheep, inexpertly spun and plied to an Aran weight. Knitted to a pattern of my own devizing based on this one (but altered to accommodate my thicker wool). Needless to say I am thrilled that these first spinnings could be knitted into anything remotely wearable at all.

1930s Summer Top [Started 6th July: :Completed 1st August]

Eyelet lace summer top with cap sleeve, worked in Stylecraft Sirocco, shade 2110, Lime; 80% cotton, 20% linen, [50g; 98yds/90m]. Knits to a tension of 20sts x 28rows to 4 inches on UK No 8 needles.

On-line pattern available soon in Pattern of the Month July 2008.

Lyn's Trekking Socks [Started 27th May: :Completed 31st May]

Double knitting socks with short double ribbed cuff intended for summer hiking. I am using Rowan Wool Cotton, in shade 930, Riviera; 50% merino wool, 50% cotton [50g; 122yd/113m]; knits to a tension of 22sts x 30rows to 4 inches on UK No 8 needles; however, I would not recommend this for socks as the cotton is a little hard in the feet, (unless you wear them over an thinner pair of socks).

On-line pattern available in the future in Pattern of the Month September 2008.

Chic 1950s Cotton Gloves [Started 20th May: :Completed 8th June]

Cotton gloves from and era when they were normal day wear. I used Phildar Phil Crochet, in shade 930, 100% cotton [50g; 200yd/185m]; use with UK No 12 needles or 13 crochet hook - fine fingering weight.

On-line pattern available in Pattern of the Month June 2008.

Summer Cardigan [Started 24th April: :Completed 27th May]

1940s pattern for a short sleeved tennis cardigan or jacket. I am using RYC Bamboo Soft, in shades 109, Cambria, and 112, Eider; 100% bamboo [50g; 112yd/102m]; knits to a tension of 25sts x 30rows to 4 inches. I was keen to try out the new Rowan "organic" cotton range, but could not find a colour I liked for this particular pattern.

On-line pattern available in Pattern of the Month May 2008.

Lavender Sachet [Started 27th April: :Completed 8th May]

Heart-shaped sachet built up from mitred squares, so best worked in a random yarn. I used left-over sock cotton/wool mix: Schoeller and Stahl Cotton Colour in Lavender 6533 (100g 420m/455 yards). Pattern by Vicki Sever from Interweave Knits.
Not exactly restful knitting as it required constant reference to the pattern, and there were lots of ends to sew in, but made a sweet little bag. It would be nice to make a set (as the pattern suggests, but I'm afraid "can't wait to make another" was not quite how I felt.

Sally [Started 7th April]

This is an original design by "Amelia Raitte" (Anna Bell). She offers some great patterns - some even for free. I am using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, as suggested in the pattern, in colours 3, and 101. I really love this mixed fibre yarn, which is 55% merino wool, 12% cashmere, and 33% microfibre, [50g; 136yd/125m]
Sally was published on Magknits - but unfortunately this site is no more and the patterns have disappeared with it; hopefully Anna will post the pattern again on her own site.

Gold Mesh Bag [Started 26th March: :Completed 20th April]

1940s pattern for a glamorous evening bag in crochet. I am using Twilleys Goldfingering, in shade 2, 'Gold'; 80% Viscose, 20% Metallised Polyester [50g; 200yd/218m].

On-line pattern available in Pattern of the Month November 2008.

Wildfoot Socks [Started 22nd March]

Socks for me, using yarn that I purchased from Yarndogs in Los Gatos, while staying with Alison last year. The yarn is the Brown Sheep Company's Wildfoote [50g; 215yd/197m], colour SY-300, Ragtime, 75% wool 25% nylon, and knits to 28sts to 4 inches on 13 (2¼mm) needles.
I was seduced by the colour, and would have bought more and knitted something larger than socks, but they had only two balls left - so socks it is.

Gentleman's Fancy Sock [Started 20th March: :Completed 22nd March]

Sock pattern dated 1901, and yet another offering from the book by Nancy Bush. I am using a vintage wool, Patons Nylox 4ply [1 oz balls] in a grey/green tweed colour with flecks of tan. The yarn is a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon; I would have preferred to use the recommended yarn pictured in a fabulous green colourway, but that yarn (Schaefer Anne) is a one-off hand-dyed shade, and I could not find it repeated. I used 13 (2¼mm) needles, instead of the recommended 2mm size, but the result is a good fit for George. The pattern is very pleasing, and yet formed from a really simple staggered k2,p2 rib.

River Rock Scarf [Started 19th March: :Completed 29th June]

My attempt at the well-known pattern by Sivia Harding from No Sheep for You. Alison and I decided to do this as a Knitalong when I visited her last October, and we each bought yarn and beads at Hollis' shop Full Thread Ahead. There was so much choice of suitable yarns - yet despite that I chose a thinner yarn than suggested (!) and with Hollis' advice also smaller beads. What fabulous yarn though! Dawn from Naturally Hand Knit Yarns of New Zealand [50g; 171yd/156m], colour 09, 50% wool 50% silk - perfect for a luxurious little scarf; knits to 36sts and 46 rows to 4 inches on 13 (2¼mm) needles.

Orford [Started 11th March: :Completed 20th April]

Cotton top from Rowan 41 knitted in Cotton Rope [50g; 63yd/58m]: colours white (67), strawberry(74), and harbour(68). The yarn is a blend of 55% cotton and 45% acrylic and knits up at 15sts and 20rows to 10 cm on 6mm needles.
I was very smitten with this top when I first saw it but thought it might be impractical (a sleeveless top in such thick yarn) but the yarn going in the sale convinced me to go with my first instincts!
Note: Cotton Rope is no more so if you like the pattern you'll need to substutute the yarn.

Valentine Gloves [Started 2nd March: :Completed 12th March]

Cute original-design fingerless gloves with a heart motif. Knitted in vintage Sunbeam St Ives 4 ply [50g; 200yd/182m] in cream colour 3103. The yarn is a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon and knits up at 28sts and 36rows to 10 cm on 3¼mm needles. The red contrast is an oddment of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
Somewhat unseasonal currently but on-line pattern available in Pattern of the Month in the future.

Random Sock [Started 18th February: :Completed 7th March]

Little Child's sock pattern, dated 1907, from the book by Nancy Bush. I am using Phildar Lambswool [50g; 145yd/134m] in colours Colvert 206, and Indigo 005. The yarn is a blend of 51% wool and 49% acrylic and knits up at 25sts and 35rows to 10 cm on 3mm needles. This is thicker wool than the pattern states and the socks will fit George (rather than the "little child"). I like this "lambswool" yarn, but do not like this colourway very much; it has turned out to make rather more uniform stripes than I expected.

Woolly Hats for sailors [Started 20th February: :Completed 2nd March]

Woolley hats knitted for the Sailors' Society using various vintage patterns available in Pattern of the Month. The yarn used is vintage - various acrylic blends with some percentage of wool; chunky weight knitting to a gauge of about 18 sts to 4 inches on 5mm needles (UK No 6).

Gentleman's socks in railway stitch [Started 2nd February: :Completed 12th February]

Sock pattern dated 1889, from the book by Nancy Bush. I am using Phildar Préface [50g; 211yd/193m] in colour Nos 036 and 021 - two shades of grey. The yarn is a blend of 70% wool and 30% nylon and knits up at 30sts and 40rows to 10 cm on 2½mm needles.

Noro Socks for me [Started 2nd February: :Completed 19th February]

Fancy silk sock pattern dated 1900, from the book by Nancy Bush. I am using the new Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn (100g; 462yd/420m] in colour No S40, which is a mix of vivid shades of blue/purple/green. The yarn is a blend of 70% wool and 30% nylon and knits up at about 7sts to the inch on UK 12 needles.

Lloyd's Dashing mittens [Started 6th January: :Completed 11th January]

"Dashing" pattern from Knitty.com - brother to the famous "Fetching".
Lloyd so admired George's mittens, I thought I would make him a pair too.

I used some vintage wool from my stock room... Sunbeam Pure New Wool Aran in navy blue, colour 18.

Gentleman's lozenge-pattern sock [Started 29th December 2007: :Completed 9th January]

Vintage sock pattern dated 1895, from the book by Nancy Bush, a Christmas gift from Alison. This is a lovely book which revamps vintage sock patterns from Weldons magazines published from the 1886 up to the end of the 1920s. I used 2 balls of Phildar Luxe (50g; 201m/219yds), colour no. 38 "Persan".
Luxe provides a high quality, hard wearing, economic yarn, fine enough to knit these old sock patterns (and very good for baby clothes, as it comes in a good colour range); however, it is mostly acrylic (15% wool), which may be an advantage in some ways, but lacks that true feeling of luxury.

Debbie Abrahams Beaded Bag [Started 27th Decembe 2007: :Completed 23rd November]

Christmas gift from George's sister, Karen. Design HB10 - cable and beaded bag, includes pattern, 3 balls of Rowan Denim in cream, glass beads, and Kaffe Fassett patchwork fabric (for lining). A fun project for me now that all the frenzied Christmas knitting is over.

Shaped-edge jacket [Started 26th August 2007]

Debbie Bliss design from her "Simply Soft" book (2005). Cowl-necked plain cardigan knitted in Cashmerino Astrakhan (50g balls; 70m/76 yards), shade 06 (dark red). This is a soft blend of Merino wool (60%), microfibre (30%), and cashmere (10%), which knits as an Aran weight. I actually adapted this pattern to knit a straight front edge by combining it with "Shawl collared jacket" from the same book.

Blissful [Started: 19th March 2007]

Sweet girly top from "The Happy Hooker". Crocheted in Phildar Licorne colour number 070 Oeillet (50g 120m/131 yards). Licorne is 100% cotton light weight DK (quickknit). The colour is much the same as pictured in the book but I substituted a Phildar yarn which I purchased in France; colour and style both met the approval of Deborah for whom it is intended.

I have to add here that it's very unlikely that I will finish this; it made up very much smaller than I expected - I am sure because I substituted the yarn - and I have no appetite too start it again. I suspect it will be frogged and I will reuse the yarn for something else.