Printing out the patterns

If you try and use the print button from the main window in Internet Explorer you will cause your browser to crash. Although I am aware that the cause is somewhere in the stylesheet I am using, I read that it is a known bug in IE, (it does not happen in Firefox for example).
In any case, you may prefer the pattern to print out without all the sidebars and other extraneous text - so follow the instructions below to get a print pop-up window.

First you need to go to the "permalink" page for the entry: at the end of each entry there is a link (called "permalink") - click the link and it will take you to the right page, containing the single pattern entry.
Click the print link at the top of the sidebar and it will open a new window and offer you your normal print options to choose a printer.

Close the window when you have finished printing and open up a new one for subsequent patterns.

Close window