Terminology Transalations
(or nations separated by a common language)

It seems that in almost all areas of manual work, (for example building work, and everything to do with cars), we have retained an entirely different vocabulary. Knitting and crochet are no exceptions to this; in the case of crochet, the basic stitches have the same names but confusingly mean different things. The table below describes the equivalences, but you need to know where you pattern hails from and then further research if you need to find out how the stitches are made.

Knitting terms
tension gauge
stocking stitch stockinette stitch
moss stitch seed stitch
cast off bind off
grafting Kitchener stitch
Crochet terms
slip stitch (ss) slip stitch
double crochet (dc) single crochet
half treble (htr) half double crochet
treble (tr) double crochet
double treble (dtr) treble
triple treble (trtr) double treble
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