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Archive entry for July 2022

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July 2022

Trendy Crochet Dress


A sixties dress in crochet - which is apparently one of the trends for the season. The simple lacy-look design is worked in light weight yarn over a four-row pattern.
Personally I have a slight prejudice that it can be a bit thick and heavy for summer wear - however the catwalks featured "jumbo" crochet items - so - time to sacrifice all for fashion!
On the plus side, crochet is a speedy technique, meaning that items are highly suitable for you to make for yourself in a reasonable time frame.


The dress is given for 3 sizes - larger sizes in brackets - which once again only go up as far as a 38 inch chest. The yarn required is a 4 ply fingering weight, but you could experiment with the tension using a DK soft cotton and a larger hook, which would tend more towards the "jumbo" nature of the designer version.

Back and Front (make 2 alike)

Using No 11 (3mm) hook make 141 (150 : 159) chain.

1st row: 1 dtr in 6th chain from hook, * miss 2 chain, 1 dtr in each of the next 4 chain, miss 2 chain, (1 dtr, 2 chain, 1 dtr) - referred to as 1 group - in next chain; repeat from * to end.
2nd row: 1 dc in first dtr, (5 chain, 1 dc in space before 4 dtr, 5 chain, 1 dc in space after 4 dtr) to end, working last dc in the turning chain.
[Editors note:the "5 chain" here creates what is subsequently referred to as a "loop".]

3rd row: 4 chain, 3 dtr in loop, (1 group in centre chain of next loop, 4 dtr in next loop) to end.
4th row: 1 dc in dtr, (5 chain, 1 dc before next group, 5 chain, 1 dc after group) to end, working last dc in the turning chain
5th row: 4 chain, (1 group in centre chain of loop, 4 dtr in next loop) up to 1 loop from end, then 1 group in loop, 1 dtr in end dc.
Repeat 2nd to 5th rows inclusive for pattern.

Continue in pattern until work measures 7 (8 : 9) inches.
Adjust length here, if required.
Change to No 12 (2¾mm) hook and work 11 inches.
Change to No 13 (2¼mm) hook and continue until work measures 26 (26½ : 27) inches, ending with a 3rd pattern row.

Armhole Shaping:
Next row: slip stitch over 1 pattern; then pattern until 1 pattern remains, turn.
Next row: slip stitch over 3 chain; then pattern to within 3 chain from the end, turn.

Continue in pattern until work measures 32½ (33½ : 34½) inches, ending with a 3rd pattern row.

Neck and Shoulder shaping:
Next row: pattern over 3 complete patterns, turn.
Next row: pattern to end.
Next row: slip stitch over 1 pattern; then pattern to within 3 stitches from the end.
Fasten off.

Miss 6 (7 : 8) complete patterns and 1 group; join in yarn and complete to match the other side.

To Make Up

Press work with a warm iron over a damp cloth.
Join shoulder and side seams.

Edging: Work in rounds around neck, armholes and lower edge.
1st round: dc (working 3 dc over chain loop or dtr). Do not turn.
2nd round: dc in reverse, inserting hook in next dc to right.
[Editors note: dc in reverse can also be called crab stitch - it's a little awkward to perform, but gives a twisted cord effect edge There are various tutorials to be found on-line.]

Fasten off.
Sew in any loose ends.

For an excellent round-up of SS22 trends on the catwalks review the items at Wardrobe Icons.

Crochet dress, seen here in Tod's sixties-inspired jumbo crochet shift.



4ply fingering yarn:
13 (14 : 15) oz of crepe 4ply.

Nos 11 (3mm), 12 (2¾mm), and 13 (2¼mm) crochet hooks.


2 patterns to 3 inches on 3mm hook.

Size matters

To fit chest:
34 / 36 / 38 inches;
33 / 34 / 35 inches.


ch: chain
dc: double crochet
dtr: double treble
ss: slip stitch
sp: space

A word on the wool.

Original yarn was pure wool crepe 4 ply - crepe being good for crochet as the yarn tends to resist splitting.
1 oz is about 28 grams; yardage unknown.


In transposing any patterns it is always a risk that errors will be introduced, in spite of dedicated proof reading.
If you have any problems with this pattern, please and I will try and assist.

© Christina Coutts 2007

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