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Yellow pullover II

Pattern ID: Wendy 744
Wool brand: Ciro, Courtelle Crepe
Yarn quantity: 12-14 (1 oz balls)
Sizes: 40-44 inch chest

Wool weight: 4 ply
Needle size: 3mm, and 2¼mm,
Tension (10cm): 28sts

Price: £2.00 (includes 2nd class postage within UK
- check "prices" section for more information)

Description: Yellow man's V-neck slipover with various patterning.
I am amazed to find 4 of these patterns - all from the 1960s and modelled in yellow. I feel there must have been some driver for this - fashion icon of the day, James Bond, royalty, golfer, famous designer original etc but can find no reference to it and I do not remember it myself from personal experience.
I have listed the four next to each other here so you can have a laugh, and tell me if you know the answer.