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Family Socks

Pattern ID: Patons 2286
Wool brand: Nylox, Capstan, Trident
Yarn quantity: about 4-5 25g balls per pair
Sizes: Varies by design, each in 3 sizes. Smallest: 5-7 inches; Medium: 6½-9½ inches; inches Largest: 10½-11½ inches.

Wool weight: 3 ply, 4 ply, DK, Aran
Needle size: 2mm, 2¼mm, 2¾mm, 3¼mm, 3¾mm
Tension (10x10cm): 36sts x 44 rows 3ply;
32sts x 40 rows: 4 ply; 24sts x 32rows: DK;
21sts x 29 rows: Aran.

Price: £3.00 (includes 2nd class postage within UK
- check "prices" section for more information)

Description: Patons Family Socks booklet includes 8 designs as pictured in popup. "3 ply hose" (Nylox), "Man's hose" (Nylox), "Man's ribbed socks" (Capstan), "Girl's lacy sock" (Nylox), "Man's cabled half hose" (Trident 4 ply), "Boy's stockings" (Nylox), "Boy's football socks" (DK), "Girl's lace panel socks - long and short versions" (Trident 4 ply).
This leaflet printed in 1972 but it is undoubtedly a reprint of an earlier edition, (when did we last call them "man's hose" and "boy's stockings"?).