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Aran Knitting by Robin (family knitting book)

Robin Aran Knitting
(Robin 2632)

A traditional Aran knitting booklet

Booklet ID: Robin 2632

Subject Matter: Knitting booklet

Price: SOLD

This magazine features the following items:

  • Zip front Jacket and hat
  • Roll-neck sweaters with cabled panels (adult)
  • Hat, scarf, and mitts in 3 family sizes
  • Roll-neck cildrens' sweaters with wide cable and garter stitch
  • V-neck family cabled sweaters
  • His 'n' Hers crew-neck sweater
  • Man's jacket with collar
  • Hooded toggle jacket with collar

The booklet is in moderate condition.
9 designs in Robin Aran yarns (aran weights).