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Pattern ID: Emu 4510
Wool brand: Scotch, Double Crepe, Superlite Bri-Nylon
Yarn quantity: 2- 3 (1 oz balls) + 1 contrast for the hat; 7+6 oz for the single thickness scarf, and 11+10 for the double thickness scarves.
Sizes: Scarf: about 9 inches wide and 72 inches long; hat to fit "average" adult and about age 10

Wool weight: Double Knitting
Needle size: 4mm, 3¾mm, and 3mm
Tension (10cm): 24sts

Price: £2.00 (includes 2nd class postage within UK
- check "prices" section for more information)

Description: Delightfully dated, I just love this classic gem of a low budget pattern for football supporter's kit from the good old days (when supporters had rattles and stood up at football matches) - or simply a striped scarf and hat.
This is a good pattern for plain hats, with instructions for no less than three scarves: a single thickness stocking stitch scarf with a garter border (so has a right and wrong side), a thicker scarf in rib (so the same front and back but uses more stitches), and finally a "tube" on 4 needles folded flat to make a double thickess scarf.