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Mostly for Men - Socks I

Pattern ID: Patons 6126
Wool brand: Nylox, Capstan
Yarn quantity: about 5-7 25g balls per pair
Sizes: length of foot 10½ - 11½ for mens and 8½ - 9½ for women.

Wool weight: 3 ply, 4 ply, Aran
Needle size: 2¼mm, 2¾mm, and 3¾mm
Tension (10x10cm): 36sts x 44 rows 3ply;
32sts x 40 rows: 4 ply;
21sts x 29 rows: Aran.

Price: £2.00 (includes 2nd class postage within UK
- check "prices" section for more information)

Description: Every picture tells a story...
So basically - 3 designs for men and one in smaller sizes for "girls" (women).

"Wide Ribbed Socks" (Nylox 3ply); "Cable Tops for the Country Girl" (Nylox 4ply); "Fisherman's Wading Socks" (Capstan Aran); and "Rib Panel Socks for the Office" (Nylox 4ply) - and I'm guessing the latter are for men as (a) there's a pipe, and (b) women don't go to work - obviously - well, not in offices anyway.