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Riding gloves

Pattern ID: Strutts 7001
Wool brand: Strutt's Glove Cord
Yarn quantity: 2-3 balls +1 contrast (1 oz? balls)

Sizes: to fit an 6-9 inch hand (3 sizes)

Wool weight: Double knitting
Needle size: 2¾mm
Tension (10cm): 28

Price: £2.00 (includes 2nd class postage within UK
- check "prices" section for more information)

Description: Gloves for men, ladies, and juniors.The gloves are knitted over 4 needles.

So what makes them riding gloves you ask? Well, they are made using a yarn designed specially for the purpose (Strutt's Glove Cord), which has a special scrooped* finish (who knew?). I think my Father had some of this type of glove in silk (or possibly Strutt's Glove Cord - who knows?):
"This article has been specially designed for glove making. It is particularly hard-wearing and its special scrooped finish imparts a characteristic feel to the gloves which are ideal for riding, driving, or any use where hard wear is important".

*Scroop is a term used to describe a finish with synthetic fibers and silk. Scroop can be induced in silk in two ways: one way is to leave the gum of the silk (sericin) behind and not remove it, and the other way is by treating silk with organic acid such as formic, lactic, citric or acetic and drying without washing. In case of synthetic fibers, cohesive agents are used to increase the fiber-to-fiber friction. and this also increases scroop. If a fabric is made from a yarn having high scroop a harsh handle is produced.