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Traditional guersey pattern in 5 ply IV

Pattern ID: Vale Guernsey 1
Wool brand: Guernsey
Yarn quantity: 700g - 950g
Sizes: 34-44 inch chest [6 sizes]

Wool weight: 5 ply
Needle size: 2¼mm
Tension (10x10cm): 28sts x 36 rows over st st

Price: SOLD

Description: Traditional Guernsey pattern from the 1970s in excellent condition.
This is an interesting pattern produced by M. W. Renouf Ltd designed for the Vale Parish - and as I see it's "designed exclusively by Parish Named Guernseys Ltd" I guess it was part of a series - or a planned series - it says this is the first, so no knowing if others followed. The Channel Islands are divided into ten Parishes - each of which is administered by an elected council called a Douzaine. I assume that originally this would have been a council of 12 since this French word is where we get the word dozen from - as in eggs, (I learned French from an early age but never made the connection until a Frenchman at the market delighted me by selling me a "douzaine", which he pronounced very carefully for me).
Here is some text from the pattern:

Legend has it that once upon a time each Parish had its own guernsey design. But this has in fact not been found to be true. Families made their own design and since in past days families tended to stay in the Parish in which they were born, the legend arose from this.
The Vale Parish design is the first guernsey to be designed specifically for a Parish, and uses as its motif the crest of St. Michel du Val. One of the most powerful reasons for this first design is that Mrs. Marjorie Winifred Renouf who founded the firm of M.W. Renouf Ltd and hence in effect re-started the knitting industry in the Island after a century or so of lapse, established her business in the Vale Parish. From this humble beginning in the early 1950s the fame of the Guernsey sweater has spread around the world. This new design was submitted to the Douzaine (the Parish Council) for their approval and blessing in 1977.
Designed by P.J. Hughes.