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Idle Hands

Ladies sweater and jacket ensemble

Pattern ID: Sirdar 2364
Wool brand: Fontein Crepe, Majestic, Talisman, or Gaiety Nylon 4ply, and Pullman chunky
Yarn quantity: 13-15 balls 4ply and 11-12 balls chunky (yardage unknown).
Sizes: 34 - 40 inch chest [4 sizes]

Wool weight: 4 ply and Chunky
Hook and needle size: 3¼mm and 2¾mm needles and 6mm crochet hook.
Tension (10cm): 30sts in 4ply knitting and
12 trebles chunky in crochet

Price: SOLD

Description: Pattern includes a long-sleeved plain knitted sweater in 4ply and a matching jacket crocheted in chunky. I think this is a charming and sophisticated retro combination.