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Summer polo shirts for men

Pattern ID: Twilleys C854
Wool brand: Lyscordet fine knitting cotton or Stalite No3 soft cotton.
Yarn quantity: Lyscordet shirt (on the left in picture): 11-16 (25g balls);
Stalite shirt (on the right in picture): 11-14 (50g balls)

Sizes: 36-46 inch chest (6 sizes)

Wool weight: 3/4 ply equivalent cotton
Needle size: 3mm, 2¾mm, and 2¼mm - or - 3¼mm, and 2¾mm
Tension (10x10cm): Lyscordet: 24sts x 48 rows on 3mm needles over pattern, and 32sts x 44 rows on 2¾mm needles over stocking stitch;
Stalite: 22sts x 40 rows on 3¼mm needles over pattern.

Price: SOLD

Description: 2 versions of a polo shirt for men; one is an openwork pattern in Lycordet cotton, and the other a slightly denser pattern stitch in Stalite - I think they both knit to a more or less 4ply equivalent but have a different feel to the yarn. Lyscordet is more of a crochet cotton and Stalite more of a soft knitting cotton.