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Idle Hands

Cute hats and scarves in various yarn types

Pattern ID: Emu 6499
Wool brand:Scotch Double Crepe, Superlite Bri-Nylon, Tricel Nylon, Trpleknit, Filigree.
Yarn quantity: 3-4 balls depending on style - see description.
Sizes: one size ("average")

Wool weight: Double knitting, Worsted/Aran, Chunky
Needle size: 4mm for DK; 4½ for Tripleknit (worsted/aran); 6mm for chunky
Tension (10cm): 24sts DK or 20sts TK or 14sts chunky

Price: SOLD

Description: A cute set of women's hats.

1. Puff Ball hat in Filigree mohair chunky.
 4 balls; 6mm and 4½mm needles.
2. Hat with ties in double knitting.
 1 x 25g ball in each of 3 colours; 5mm, 4½mm, 4mm and 3¼mm needles.
3. Garter stitch beret and scarf in double knitting.
 Beret: 5 x 25g balls; 4½mm and 3¼mm needles.
 Scarf: 9 x 25g balls; 4½mm circular needle.
4. Ribbed hat in Tripleknit (worsted/aran weight).
 2 balls; 4mm needles.
5. Beret in double knitting.
 5 x 25g balls; 4mm and 3¼mm needles.
6. Fair Isle hat with plait in Tripleknit (worsted/aran weight).
 1 ball in each of 3 colours; 4mm and 3¼mm needles.