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Saturday July 29, 2006

Just so you know....

...sometimes I do complete things.
Sometimes I complete things more than once. Here are my two cardis:

The turquoise one with the reknitted sleeves.
The original (Rowan 39 "Deep" in Summer Tweed) did not have the sleeves turned back, although I thought that's how they were in the magazine picture. This is probably because of the striped pattern which I omitted (I know - what is the matter with me? omitting the opportunity to knit stripes!).

turqcardi.jpg blackcardi.jpg

The black one (Rowan 37 "Lucy" in Cotton Tape ) with everything but the sleeves reknitted (in a much smaller size - and still too big). Experience with the other Rowan cotton tape sweater I knitted leads me to believe it will improve when washed, (and then, according to Alison, stretch again as you wear it).


Finally - my yellow Conkers repainted an attractive shade of red for the complete Noddy and Big Ears look, which is so fashionable now.

I have to confess that after this thrifty refurbishment, I was seduced by the local village shoe shop and bought 2 more pairs of shoes - one (you guessed it) in red, and the other in navy blue. One in every colour. (I guess there's a reason I have been unable to buy navy shoes for the past few years - the same reason they are in a shop in the village - but I am ignoring the obvious). The worst part, I am not about to confess - even to you - since my (older) sister assures me that once you start buying shoes by this manufacturer, you have to admit to really having reached your dotage (..... but they are so comfy. And no-one will ever need to read the label, as I will never again be forced to kick off my uncomfortable shoes during business meetings...).

Here are the Conkers in France (enjoying a break with a cup of tea) while still yellow.


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