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Saturday October 31, 2009

Books in October

Almost a repeat of my entry for May - the autumn books from Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding are now available.

  • Debbie Bliss magazine (issue 3) by Debbie Bliss
    DebbieBliss3.jpg DebbieBliss3preorder.jpg A number of interesting articles, and, as usual, a great selection of winter patterns from Debbie. Take a look at them at the Laughing Hens site. I love the cabled slipper socks, the fair-isle hot water bottle cover, the tartan tea cosy... and ... and... It's like POM condensed into one magazine ...well maybe with better looking and more up to date styles! Anyway lots of projects to look forward to this winter - will any of them make it as Christmas Gifts I wonder?
    I have put two cover images here, but it is only one magazine - the image on the left was the "preorder" marketing cover, and the one on the right was the one that was actually chosen when the magazine was published. I really preferred the preorder version (and when Laughing Hens sent me the magazine I thought I had received the wrong one somehow!) - but I can see the final choice may have more marketing impact. Not sure what this says about my fashion/style preferences - certainly not that I don't like red - but I have not rushed into knitting any of the items inside that red cover. Maybe I just have too many other things to finish right now.

  • Little Cake and Queen of Hearts by Louisa Harding
    LittleCake.jpg QueenofHearts.jpg Now here, unpredictably, I have already rushed into buying wool to make a couple of these styles. I bought wool at Ally Pally to make a cardigan (Puzzle ), and a dress (Two), both from Queen of Hearts. One item from Little Cake (Featherbed has already "made it" as a Christmas Gift (yes, completed and ready to go).
    I find the styling of the models most beguiling - even though I don't buy into looking like that myself (which is just as well - not just an age thing although that doesn't help!). I don't think I had the sense of style or the imagination to look like this even when I were younger. However, I love the idea of these quirky goth type models, and hope I can look stylish nonetheless. But first I have to knit them - right?

Posted on October 31, 2009 at 11:51 AM. Category: Books of the Month.

Tuesday October 27, 2009

En automne

We managed one final trip to France for the year. This lovely photo of a giant pumpkin best represents the time of year - it is one of Lloyd's super squash crop - we had slightly less success with ours!


Peter, having recovered from his work-related injury, was back at work on the bakehouse - laying the concrete floor. I stopped him trying to get out of my shot to which he responded, not a little ironically: I know - 'just look like you're working!'. (I should mention that shifting concrete is back-breaking work).


George also put in some work on creating a strawberry bed using the many baby plants our strawberries produced this summer. Despite all the effort we left a lot for Lloyd to tidy up for us.


And my contribution to all this activity? More soda bread.


Posted on October 27, 2009 at 3:55 PM. Category: France.

Saturday October 10, 2009

Harrow Inn Beer Festival


Rob was dancing at the Harrow in honour of their beer festival, and as it's local to us, G and I went along.



It was fun, although I think the Landlord made a slight error in the logistics, since it resulted in my not drinking anything at all, never mind the beer, (though I did eat the pig roast).
The Morris Men were overcome with delight that they were joined by Roy Dommett a leading figure in Morris tradition and expert on its history and techniques.


Posted on October 10, 2009 at 4:54 PM. Category: Days Out.

Friday October 9, 2009

Knitting and Stitchery Show 2009

This year the main exhibit in the Alexandra Palace entrance hall was the impressive: "Casting Off...A Coat for a Boat!".


Textile designer Ingrid Wagner was lead artist and on this amazing community project which was created with the help of contributors hailing from the North East region as well as internationally, and with the support of The North East Maritime Trust.

Every section of the boat exhibit provided fascinating detailed works of knitted art.


All the poor little fish caught in the nets - though they look cheerful enough about it!


And spot the rats leaving the (hopefully not!) sinking ship.


Fewer photos overall than in previous years indicates how interesting it all was and how busy we were looking around.
I would have liked to take photos of some of the artist's work but of course that was mostly prohibited. I did enjoy one artist who made delightful fine ceramic mugs, jugs and other items, which looked as though they were made of paper, and charmingly painted with floral (and other) designs. Hard to describe without a photo! However, she had already sold all her stock on only Day 2 of the show.

My first item on the agenda for the day was to hand in my completed Macmillan Blanket at the Knitter Magazine stand. That done we were free to roam, observe and buy!

As to our purchases: we saw Fi Morris and Sheila was very smitten with one of her patterns; we had to order the (discontinued) Wendy wool for it when we got home. I am very glad I did Fi's workshop to understand her specialist techniques for when I get round to knitting it! I bought some bargain Sirdar Peru and Patons Misty - yet more cardigans; some lovely beads for Christmas gift necklaces; some earring attachments to supplement my Alison-made stitch markers (I use them all the time and never have enough); and Italian sock wool for... never you mind what.

Posted on October 9, 2009 at 11:49 PM. Category: Days Out.