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Monday January 31, 2011

Books in January

These are the lovely books I received as gifts - a lovely start to the New Year.

  • The Knitter's Year by Debbie Bliss
    As is often the case with this type of book, I look at the projects and think "why - these are simple little things - I could have made this up myself".... but then you didn't did you? For a book like this, (knitting projects all year), they need to be quick fun things, - which they are - and this book is beautifully styled and produced, providing the motivation and desire to knit the "little projects" and also then make some up yourself!

  • Around the World in Knitted Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden
    You'd buy this book for the cover alone wouldn't you? It's all so colourful and lovely, I wanted to start them all right away. I felt that Rowan felted tweed would provide the look I was after but the 4ply weight is discontinued (and the patterns would be hard to adapt due ot the patterning); plus I think the felted tweed might not be robust enough for socks. So - I guess I'll have to try that new territory and use the recommended yarns...

  • Nordic Knits by Martin Storey
    This is the sort of book that non-knit-lovers (as well as knitters) would like projects from. Perfect gifts for those not keen on hand-knit clothing - though you need to check out their liking for folksey! I think it's packed with pretty tasteful stuff and immediately knitted the cushions on the cover for Alison to decorate in her new "cabin" (house to you and I).

BOM-TheKnittersYear.jpg BOM-WorldKnittedSocks.jpg BOM-NordicKnits.jpg

Posted by Christina at 4:01 PM. Category: Books of the Month