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Monday February 28, 2011

Books in February

  • Silks by Dick Francis and Felix Francis [read by Tony Britton] BOM-Silks.jpg
    I always felt I had a problem with Tony Britton reading Dick Francis novels, as they usually feature relatively young men (20s-30s) - and Tony Britton, though a great reader, has a very mature upper middle class voice. That's what I thought. But I had no problem with this one. Maybe it's because the hero is a barrister (Tony sounds like one of whatever age - no problem) - or maybe this is just a stronger novel than ones I have read recently. Anyway - a fine read - and nicely encompassing a bit of horseyness too....

  • BOM-Sixsmith.jpgSinging the Sadness [read by Christian Rodska] and
    The Roar of the Butterflies
    [read by Rupert Farley]
    by Reginald Hill

    A very different detective created by Reginald Hill. Jo Sixsmith is an ex machine operator turned private detective living in Luton, though his adventures take him elsewhere.

    It is almost an old-fashioned style of book, with very ordinary old-fashioned style people but yet set in our very contemporary world. Full of charm and humour, but for all that does not sacrifice the a very real sense of danger and the thrill of the whodunnit.

  • Love, Lies and Liquor by M C Beaton [read by Penelope Keith] BOM-LoveLiesLiquor.jpg
    An Agatha Raisin novel, in which experience triumphs over hope.
    O no - my mistake - got that the wrong way round.
    Agatha thinks she will rekindle the romantic flame by going on holiday with ex-husband James - poor James' idea is a nostalgic trip to a coastal English resort (but seemingly in the dead of winter!), which, funnily enough, lives up to the expectations of neither party.
    It does seem like she might really be cured of James this time...

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