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Thursday September 29, 2011

South Pacific


Another opportunity to see my favourite musical at the Barbican in a limited 7 week run - and as Rob's a member, we got tickets. This is the (lavish) Lincoln Center Theater production which is is on a (much awaited) tour.
Anyway - it was lovely.

Posted on September 29, 2011 at 11:22 PM. Category: Art and Culture.

Friday September 2, 2011

Three Days in May


The "three days" covered in Ben Brown's play are 26th-28th May 1940. Churchill is Prime Minister despite not having universal support from the Old Boys Club that ran (or run) the country - definitely a class ridden debate on his suitability. He is seen as a war-monger at a time when many felt that peace would be a better option. Churchill is certainly all for fighting on (to the bitter end) but has to use all his skill to coax and manipulate the players towards his point of view. Both Halifax and Chamberlain were for a negotiated peace - although Chamberlain while believing in "peace in our time" could not forget Hitler’s broken promises afters the 1938 conference ("I have in my hand a piece of paper...") .
A marvellous opportunity to see Warren Clarke on stage at Richmond Theatre - he really is Churchill - and Jeremy Clyde - a particular favourite of mine - is terrific as Halifax.

"Nations that went down fighting rose again, but those which surrendered tamely were finished."
[from Into the Storm 2009]

Posted on September 2, 2011 at 11:22 PM. Category: Art and Culture.