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Thursday May 31, 2012

Books in May

  • TV Detectives Omnibus edited by Peter Haining BOM-TVDetectives.jpg
    This is an omnibus of original short stories by the well-known creators of detectives who have subsequently made it on to the TV screens. The book I have is the 1992 Orion edition, so it's a snapshot of TV detectives to that date. For me it's a very interesting book including not only the (then) more recent TV detective adaptations like Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes and more recent detectives such as Morse, but also refers to the more historical original stories about Charlie Chan, Perry Mason, Ellery Queen, Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, and so on. each story is carefully chosen with a few - often fascinating - facts about the character and author at the start of each section. For example - who knew? - Miss Marple made it on to American TV in 1956 with Gracie Fields in the starring role (!) and Roger Moore playing the part of Patrick Simmonds.
    Peter Haining has also done a similar Crimebusters Omnibus at a slightly later date including Taggart, Tennison, Spender, Columbo and Kojak.

  • The Ladies of Grace Adieu: and Other Stories by Susanna Clarke BOM-LadiesOfGraceAdieu.jpg

    An excellent introduction to the folklore and stories of Susanna Clarke, hopefully a good preparation for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which was recommended by Alison and is a mighty tome currently waiting to be read - but more of that next month.
    This book of short stories is much easier to digest, and has great variety and interest in the way each story is presented. Despite being (in some cases well known) fairy stories, they are all weirdly disturbing, and appropriately classified by the library as "science fiction". It fits well with my recent reading of Puck of Pooks Hill.

  • A Fatal Inversion by Barbara Vine [read by William Gaminara] BOM-AFatalInversion.jpg
    This is Ruth Rendell of course, writing under her psychological thriller pseudonym. I'm afraid I am one of her readers that likes her "bread and butter" police novels with dear old Inspector Wexford, so I tend not to read Barbara Vine. However, the Guardian list of "1000 novels: crime" recommended it, which gave me the incentive. And of course it really is excellent, as you would expect, and despite the "crime" being fairly clear from the start, it did completely surprise me with its ending. At one point, one of the characters says "we've got away with it" which is (no doubt intended to be) deeply ironic, since, as the plot unfolds, it is pretty evident that none of them truly got away with "it" at all.

Posted on May 31, 2012 at 9:20 AM. Category: Books of the Month.

Sunday May 27, 2012


George called me out into the garden in a state of some amazement, while searching to grab his camera...


He could not be sure if he really was seeing a terrapin sitting on the roof of the old duck house in our pond - but he was indeed. I was slightly less surprised than he, as some years ago the fish mongers told me something about people "freeing" terrapins into the pond - I think they are regarded as vermin, presumably detrimental to the natives. However, I was not sure I really believed it at the time. Anyway, there he was - basking - all beautiful and stripey.

Posted on May 27, 2012 at 5:13 PM. Category: The Garden.

Splendid Summer

It was a beautifully sunny weekend and we spent it all in the garden.


George has the veg patch and pots well under control, but I have a bit more work to do! Encouraged by Jenny, our new gardener, I set about cleaning up the porch area and washing the garden chairs.


I am fully repainting the porch chairs, and got as far as refurbishing the wooden feet with wood hardener and undercoat, plus applying Hammerite ("paint on to rust") to the metal parts. They are nice old chairs, but it always amuses me that I spend more on paint and equipment than the chairs actually cost - one being free - in desperation the auctioneer included it in another lot I had bought, whether I needed it or not!

Posted on May 27, 2012 at 2:01 PM. Category: The Garden.

Saturday May 19, 2012

Sock Blanks with the Guild

After all the work on the knitting machines, everyone finally got to dye their blanks. They all looked wonderful.


This is Jennifer's blank which did not make it into the photo above. (The little sprinkles are not flaws but fixer - ready for steaming.


Posted on May 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM. Category: Spinning, Dying, Weaving.