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Friday September 30, 2016

Books in September

Clearly I did nothing in September other than reading.
[In fact was quite busy trying to squash in two visits to France which even made me miss Rob's birthday - although I am not sure he was too fussed about that...]
Herewith ... the books:

  • BOM-UnpleasantnessInTheBallroom.jpg Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ballroom
    by Catriona McPherson
    Another winning story about Dandy - and we have now reached 1932. The story is set in a dance-mad Glasgow in one among many dance halls. Dandy and Alec find Glasgow and Sauchiehall Street rather daunting, if not scary - which is not so unbelievable to me who visited as a stranger in the 1980s prior to its reinvention as a European City of Culture... [A title which so infuriated the character Taggart at the time].
    Rather like the Taggart TV series - funnily enough - it all starts with a murrderr....

  • BOM-DishingTheDirt.jpg Dishing the Dirt by MC Beaton

    Almost a direct sequel to the previous novel the Blood of an Englishman.
    Some characters Agatha has not yet done with.
    She need closure...
    .....and what better than pinning a new murder on "the one that got away"...

  • Goldfinger, Trigger Mortis by Ian Fleming and Anthony Horowitz
    George got these books last Christmas - Goldfinger "the Trigger Mortis Edition" and Trigger Mortis itself. As you might gather Anthony Horowitz can do little wrong in my eyes and he has written Trigger Mortis from ideas sketched out by Fleming before his death. Some passages are (apparently) Fleming's writing.
    I read Goldfinger as it is the prequel, and found that it is very well covered in the film - much because there is, for example, one entire chapter describing an entire game of golf hole by hole, which is of course dealt with rather rapidly in an action movie.
    Horowitz continues this type of detail in describing the racing circuit in his book, and is generally faithful to the way Bond seems to be originally written.
    (I had listened to Rupert Penry-Jones reading a version abridged for radio - but still found the full book held my interest).

    BOM-Goldfinger.jpg BOM-TriggerMortis.jpg

  • Craven2.jpg Craven
    Another series of Craven with Maxine Peake.
    As impending cuts threaten the staff of the Greater Manchester Police MIT, a case involving dangerous dogs and legal drugs piques DCI Craven's interest.

    Produced by Justine Potter -a Red Production Company production for BBC Radio 4.

Posted on September 30, 2016 at 5:47 PM. Category: Books of the Month.