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Wednesday February 28, 2018

Books in February

  • Bearded Tit: a love story with feathers by Rory McGrath [read by Rory McGrathBOM-BeardedTit.jpg
    Rob gave me this book for Christmas and I thought "I wonder what Rory has been up to lately" and made the mistake of looking, and finding that there was all kinds of scurrilous detail on the subject available on the internet. This put me off reading it - not by any means because I was disgusted with him but because it made me so deeply sad - especially since (at least part of) the book is about finding his "true love" and of course loves young (old) dream does not always last.
    However, Rob is quite definite that "it's about birds" which is also true - and it's clever and funny and great hearing it read by the author. He needs to write more.

  • Sleeping In The Ground by Peter Robinson [read by Mark Meadows]BOM-SleepingInTheGround.jpg
    This is the 24th (and most current) book in the Inspector Banks series. It was available from the library so I took advantage of the opportunity, although I am trying to read them in order (I'm up to number 10). I've read that you should read them in order, as there are plot spoilers about previous books but I've not noticed this, but as usual, it was a good story well written and I enjoyed it.
    What I did not enjoy was the library software (Ulverscroft) provided on iPad which I used to listen to it. The tracks are simply not played automatically in order, so I had to keep guessing from the wild change in plot line that we had leapt to the wrong place after each chapter. I can find no information or complaints about this online so still wondering if it is "user error". I have to say though that another book I borrowed had a whole chunk missing - so I had to go back to the hard copy book to catch up with the missing plot!

  • A Lesson in Secrets and Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear
    [read by Julie Teal]
    So I have found another mystery series and a new heroine - a whole catalogue of books to mine. I'm not reading these in order but the time line is not hard to follow. I can see that Maisie Dobbs is a bit elitist - or perhaps more exactly improbably privileged - but it serves the basic premise of the books and enables her freedom to be a female detective between the wars. I like (well written) books about this period - which I suppose must be called "historical novels" now, even though I feel they were almost my life and times. As I observed before - the wars seemed within touching distance during my childhood.
    BOM-ALessonInSecrets.jpg BOM-ElegyForEddie.jpg

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