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Monday April 30, 2018

Books in April

  • Shetland Series by Ann Cleeves
    I decided it was time to read the Shetland books - especially as the last one is due out this year. I really loved the TV adaptation (having not read the books) and the only minor quibble I have now is that Doug Henshall* does not really fit the description of the Spanish heritage of Perez - but that is all. (O - and I thought Sandy was a chubby sort of guy - but I made that up I think).
    As I thought that Fran had died prematurely of natural causes, Blue Lightning came as a bit of a shock. Other than that - brilliant.
    BOM-RavenBlack.jpg BOM-WhiteNights.jpg BOM-RedBones.jpg BOM-BlueLightning.jpg BOM-DeadWater.jpg
    * Also brilliant in his role in Network - although maybe a bit young (looking at least) for the role of Max Schumacher?

  • The Last Secret Of The Temple by Paul Sussman BOM-TheLastSecretOfTheTemple.jpg
    I could not get hold of an audio book for this first book by Sussman so it took me a little longer to get round to reading it myself. Here we see how the two policemen on each side of the fence get together to solve their first crime. As I said - his thriller writing improved over the 3 books - not being a writer I can't really say how or why. However, you can see that the opportunity for these two to be long term partners in combating crime were going to be limited - and the author ensured that was indeed the case in the third book, before his own untimely demise. Well worth the read.

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