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Sunday June 30, 2019

Books in June

  • Killing the Beasts by Chris Simms BOM-KillingTheBeasts.jpg
    As Chris is best known for his DI Spicer series, I decided to start at number one, (published in 2005), and read it as written on the page.
    Maybe Chris (like many other authors) was not trying for a series right off the bat here - Spicer really has equal billing with the other characters he introduces. However, I can see why these were an immediate success.

    This month I joined Chris's Readers Club and downloaded (and read) my free prequel to the Spicer series: Roller Coaster; I also read Baba's Bites which is a mystery short story but very much bordering on the horror category - well written and well told, but left me feeling distinctly down.

  • Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs [Read by Kate Harper]
    BOM-FatalVoyage.jpg This fourth book sees Tempe Brennan called in as part North Carolina's disaster response team responding to a plane crash in the mountains. The team must collect evidence over a wide area, and painstakingly identify the victims - who seem to be largely from a college sports team, and this leaves Tempe worried sick about her own daughter. However, pushing her worries aside and focusing on her work, Tempe finds a body part (foot) which she suspects was not actually from the crash, and without support from her colleagues and superiors, she feels compelled to find out the truth on her own.

  • CastlesInSpain.jpg Castles in Spain
    A bookseller is surprised to be asked to try and solve a military mystery...
    'When I walked into this house I was simple Grahame Mayer, the bookseller. Now it seems I'm Philip Marlowe, private eye.'
    Edward Boyd's five-part thriller serial first broadcast in 1987, based on his 1986 play, and produced by Patrick Rayner.
    Grahame Mayer, the bookseller, is played by Ray Brooks - famous for many things possibly most memorably from his (and my) youth in the 60s film The Knack. Other players include John Westbrook, Alexandra Mathie, Garard Green, William Hope, John Hannah, and Jonathan Tafler.

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Sunday June 16, 2019

Adam Kaye at the Rose


Yet another performance from the Fringe that I thought worth a revisit. I would say a great afternoon's "entertainment" - he is great but, by the nature of the subject, it is a bit of a polemic and the closing chapters are a bit harrowing for artist and audience.

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