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Thursday February 20, 2020

A Number


"How might a son feel to discover that he is only one of a number of identical copies? What happens when a father is confronted by the results of an outrageous genetic experiment?"

For a change, George got these tickets for the Bridge (a theatre I really like, but with a fairly high price point - especially for such a short play), so all in all, it's turning out to be a week full of theatrical experiences.

Directed by Polly Findlay, the play is a Caryl Churchill (award-winning) drama, from 2002, and stars Roger Allam (a favourite of ours) as Salter, the father, and Colin Morgan as (all) his sons. It is always a joy to see excellent actors just doing their thing with such apparent ease. The set was interesting, with the same room viewed from different perspectives, and cleverly providing different focal points to play to each section of the audience.

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