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Sunday January 31, 2021

Books in January

  • Alice Rice Mysteries: Blood in the Water, Where the Shadow Falls, Dying of the Light,
    No Sorrow to Die, and, The Road to Hell
    by Gillian Galbraith

    These are pleasing detective procedurals of the type I very much enjoy. There are 6 Alice Rice novels and the only reason I have not read the last one is that it (unlike the others) is available in audio format so I am waiting to listen to it. I was led to them after I read (listened to) the stand-alone novel "End of the Line" (quite a different theme), which is her most recent and was, I think, the best.
    According to the Times Gillian Galbraith's books have become one of the most sought after lending-library titles during the Covid-induced reading frenzy of the past year. I hope she writes more books, though I think there will be no more featuring Alice.

    BOM-BloodInTheWater.jpg BOM-WhereTheShadowFalls.jpg BOM-DyingOfTheLight.jpg BOM-NoSorrowToDie.jpg BOM-TheRoadToHell.jpg

  • The Ape who guards the Balance by Elizabeth Peters [read by Barbara Rosenblat]
    BOM-TheApeWhoGuardsTheBalance.jpg The usual amusing nonsense that faithful readers of these novels will enjoy - and expect. I am a faithless reader, and can't say I am enamoured - but I also hastily say that I do accept that this is "just me". I am not keen on the tongue-in-cheek way the main character with her false Victorian/Edwardian sensibilities is presented as the narrator. And yet I have come back to the series several times.... I can only say that they provide adequate background listening without my paying too much attention. [I might also add that this could be a mistake, as the plots are quite complex - and to that end I also feel the books would benefit from being read in chronological order].

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