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Wednesday June 8, 2022

Downton Abbey


I had an indulgent afternoon out on my own at the Everyman cinema, with a Silver Screen ticket. Designed for the over 55s, the ticket includes free tea and cake, and - along with the twee nature of Downton - perfect in every way!
As for the film - I did feel that the plot was slightly better than previous offerings, relying less on the splendid costumes and locations and more on a proper story. It reflected the New Era in the life of Downton, where they accept a film crew descending on them in exchange for a fee - welcome, however distasteful - and thus it also allowed them to reflect the changes in the film industry through the latest innovation of the "talkies".
However, I'm sure the many fans of Downton would love it whatever the intricacies of the plot (or lack thereof).

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