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Saturday October 18, 2014

Kaffe KAL Cushion clue 2

Here are my squares for the first 2 weeks.
Are they actually square you ask yourself? Well cobbling together the colours I need in a consistent thickness is very challenging I'm afraid.

I am finding the squares surprising tricky to knit considering they are in fact so simple. I think I get carried away and forget to increase and decrease in the right places. Most issues I have are with increasing - for some unknown reason - and also the shape of the corners is poor in the first part of the square. Thus, pretty soon, I developed a method to overcome this - it's a bit weird but...

First of all, Alison wrote us a nice shorthand version of the pattern - stripping the rows down to colour and number of increases - with breaks at colour changes. After this, I decided to knit my squares from the middle using a waste-wool cast-on and working back from the 34th row to the beginning; I then pick up from the middle again - discarding the cast on - and work as the pattern is written to the end. I only have to decrease on both halves of the square. Heaven knows why this helps me but it does.

My squares still aren't square but they are better than they were!

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