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Sunday November 3, 2019

FO at last

Finally sewed them all up - motivated by the desire to gift them to Wendy and Lloyd for their new baby. This cotton blanket is not very soft and cuddly, so I am not sure that this will be loved as much as my previous pin-woven gift.

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Motifs complete

As above... motifs complete. Now the daunting task of all those ends.
The motifs appear to be all different sizes - but not because of my yarn substitutions; a number of people have mentioned this but been assured that in the blocking and sewing up this will be resolved.

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Saturday November 2, 2019

Against the grain

Finished in April but finally posting this photo in November. It was not my favourite piece of knitting, but it is lovely to wear. Such scrumptious yarn.
I think Alison's extension of the yoke colour is much more flattering - and it does mean that you do not have to change colour while doing the yoke increases which is a great benefit.

Just for good measure here is a photo of my vintage button. I had it planned for this sweater long before I finished it - despite it being a bit large and not the right colour. I might also mention that not only is it plastic but also very badly manufactured - but that's the 1950s (I assume) mass production for you. (Did I mention I love it?).

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