Updated: 22-11-2010
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Alison and Christina have been friends for what seems like ever, but is surprisingly still not even half their lives.

Christina first liked Alison because she was designated as her "buddy" when Christina joined her team at work. Alison helped her choose her lunch (tuna mayonnaise baked potato with coleslaw, which they both obediently ate together every day), and taught her COBOL and DBase2.

Alison first liked Christina as she was just like Alison's favourite cat Feargal, (small, round, grey, and very determined).

The friendship was cemented when they started co-producing jolly japes for office outings and parties. Who can forget the "dress as someone else in the office" fancy dress party, the Chepstow Treasure Hunt, or the Girl Guides Christmas Gang Show. The highlight of these entertainments was the little-publicised Olympic sport, synchronised knitting (pairs). After this what could they do but be friends?


On the town in Torremolinos and trying to catch the sunset on a very windy evening at Dante's Peak.

....and still crazy after all these years.

Carmel Knitting Retreat 2007

California Cafe, Los Gatos 2010