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Monday January 8, 2024

Shark Attack!


Deborah's bag from 2013 (was it really that long ago?) has been in storage for a bit and suffered the consequences - she thinks moth but probably mostly mice. Sad to see it in this state but gratifying that it was obviously well-used before being stored, and that she wants to use it again now!
I had only a tiny morsel of tweed left from that project but was able to order a new piece from The Harris Tweed Store on the Isle of Lewis, with which I replaced one entire side of the bag. The rest of the (minimal) damage I darned and reinforced with patches glued invisibly on the inside.

In case you've forgotten, this is how it looked all those years ago - and now does once again.


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Friday January 5, 2024

Christmas Jigsaw - "P"


George fits the last piece to the Mike Wilks jigsaw: "P".
Again only 1000 pieces.

Phalarope, Panda, Peacock, Pharoah, Pestle, Peach....

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Wednesday January 3, 2024

Order restored....


So while I was out all day shopping - a magical being came and tidied the garden...

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Tuesday January 2, 2024

Chaos in the garden


Scary goings on. (It was a bit windy).

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Friday December 29, 2023

Christmas Jigsaw - it begins


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Monday December 4, 2023

ISIHAC in Dorking


I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue came to Dorking - the 80th series (!) Episodes 5 and 6 - broadcasting next Monday on BBC Radio 4 [...and we were there].
On the panel were Fred Macaulay, Milton Jones, Lucy Porter, and Omid Djalili, plus of course Jack Dee in the chair, and Colin Sell on the piano. Jon Naismith was his usual delightful self, managing the audience and the laser display board. Two episodes were recorded so we got to see both Samantha and Sven....

Another unexpected pleasure was meeting an old colleague whom I haven't seen since I retired - and he himself is now retired. It was good to have a short catch-up with him, and also to see someone (more local) from my dance class, where I was able to explain my mysterious disappearance from classes since last September when I injured my back. Since I have every appearance of having recovered now, I fear there are no more excuses not to return to the fray [... just in time for Christmas and the dreaded Frosty the Snowman routine].

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Wednesday October 18, 2023

Alien at the Mere Pond


I spotted a pair of unusual (for us) geese on the pond, and since I seem to always get it wrong, and this time was no exception, I had to check they were Egyptian Geese. I think they are lovely but to my dismay I find that from 2019 they have been classified as an "Invasive Alien Species" - along with the Ruddy Duck - another of my favourites. This makes it an offence, amongst other things, to import, keep, sell, transport, breed or release into the environment. Who knew? [Well... I'm guessing people who are keeping them knew, as you can get a licence to continue to keep them until "the end of their natural lives"].


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