Updated: 31-12-2007
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2007 archive..... click on the image to see the finished item.

Santa stocking for Elizabeth [Started 11th December: :Completed 16th December]

One of a variety of Christmas Stocking patterns from Jean Greenhowe's Christmas Special. Also included are patterns for cuddly dolls, tiny crèche figures, and little tree ornaments. All items are in double knitting wool, although I strayed into 4 ply for the Santa.

Web of Wool socks for Terry [Started 4th December: :Completed 12th and 21st December]

Yet more socks knitted using a pattern from Web of Wool, who also supplied the Austerman Step yarn in colours 6, Lark, and 14, Pebble, (100g balls; 420m). Superwash blend of wool (75%), and polyamide (25% ). The yarn is very soft and contains Jojoba and Aloe Vera, so very kind to the hands while knitting.

Web of Wool socks for [Terry] Me! [Started 4th November: :Completed 26th December]

More socks knitted from Web of Wool supplied pattern. The wool is Rio de la Plata from their Multicolour Sock range Code SP08 - pure wool superwash (3½ oz skein; 437 yards); described as a 3ply, I am using size 12 (UK) needles. The wool is lovely, very soft, but looks more attractive combined in the skein than knitted up. I purchased the wool from Hollis' shop Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos,CA.
Decided to keep these for myself!

Mother Bears [Started 25th October: :Completed 26th October]

We made bears for this charity as suggested in our Stitch'n'Bitch Calendars. The pattern is supplied from the Mother Bear Project on payment of 5 dollars which includes a donation to cover the cost of sending the bears overseas. Alison made the knitted bear and I made the crocheted one - as per the patterns. We used Caron superwash acrylic as instructed.

Plain cardigan jacket [Started 14th October: : Completed 12th December]

Debbie Bliss design from her "Out of Town" book (2005). Plain cardigan knitted in Cashmerino Astrakhan (50g balls; 70m/76 yards), shade 18 (gold). Soft blend of Merino wool (60%), microfibre (30%), and cashmere (10%), which knits as an Aran weight. Requested by Sheila while at the Knitting and Stitchcraft show in 2006 - so hopefully it will be ready for Christmas 2007!

Dashing Mittens [Started 9th September: :Completed 30th September]

After making up a man's version of the "Fetching" pattern from Knitty.com, I noticed they now have some guy-friendly "Dashing" mittens! So I made a pair for George in vintage Magpie Aran Tweed [100% wool : 100g=187 yds].

Möbius Cowl [Started 15th August: :Completed 15th August]

Cat Bordhi's design from her "Magical Knitting" books. Technique and full instructions from Knitty Gritty at DIYnetwork. Nice little project for an evening. I used RYC Cashsoft 4ply (50g ball; 180m/197 yards); 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere.

Maiden Over [Started 27th June: :Completed 5th September]

Cricket pullover from Vintage Pattern by Twilley intended for a 4ply weight, knitted in Wendy Guernsey wool (100g ball; 224m/244 yards). Pure wool "5 ply" guernsey weight.

Cable Half Hose [Started 27th June: :Completed 9th July]

Manly socks in no-nonsense colour from Patons Family Socks using Sirdar Town and Country 4 ply sock yarn (50g ball; 205m/224 yards). This is a wool-rich sock yarn: wool (75%) and nylon (25%), 28sts to 4cm with UK 10 (3mm) needles.

Leaf Socks [Started 27th June: :Completed 3rd July]
Monkey Socks [Started 3rd July: :Completed 1st November]

Embossed Leaves socks by Mona Schmidt from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 and Monkey socks from Knitty Winter 2006. Both knitted in a vintage wool mix (75% wool, 25% nylon), Falcon Peregrine 4 ply, colour 373 "Moorland" (25g balls).

Tobias [Started 6th June: :Completed 4th November]

Cool manly sweater (or that's what I am hoping) from Rowan book 41 knitted in four shades of Summer Tweed (50g hanks; 108m/118 yards). This is a silk (70%) and cotton (30%) mix, which knits as a fairly chunky Aran weight.

Bliss [Completed 20th May]

Pretty cross-over cardigan by Sarah Hatton from Rowan book 39 knitted in Calmer colour number 476 Coral (50g 160m/175 yards). This is a cotton yarn with 25% Acrylic/microfibre, which makes it slightly elasticated - nice to knit with - and gives a good yardage. Double knitting weight knits to a tension of 21sts x 30 rows to 4 inches on UK No. 6 needles.

Marble [Completed 28th May]

Simple cotton T from Rowan book 41 knitted in various shades of 4 ply cotton (50g 170m/186 yards). This is 4 ply pure cotton yarn. The yarn is knitted double (terrible) but produces the lovely effect of old-fashioned marbles - maybe Kaffe rather had in mind the stone marble but that's not what it evokes for me.

Fetching mittens [Completed 10th April]
Dashing mittens [Started 9th September: :Completed 30th September]

Famous "Fetching" pattern from Knitty.com. This pair knitted for Ava in Rowan Magpie Aran Tweed in grey (no longer available).
I may now do some for George now, as I notice knitty have some guy-friendly "Dashing" mittens! Too late for Rob's though; I had to make up pattern myself.

Hanging Basket Liner [Completed 6th April]

Hanging Basket liner from New Knits by Erika Knight.
Recommended to be knitted in parcel string. This one knitted in a completely horrid mixed fibre yarn from eBay, purchased as a "mistake"- to put it mildly. However perfect for this project as it cost next to nothing and has the texture and colour of hessian.

Fliss's kitchen: dishcloths [Completed 4th April]

Cloths knitted in Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton, Hot Orange colour number 1628 (2½oz 109m/120 yards) and Playtime colour number 2741 (a smaller 2oz ball), imported from the US. It is a heavy double knitting/Aran in pure cotton. The dishcloth patterns ("Alex" "Mason and Dixon Ann" and "Little Houses") are available on-line at Knitting Pattern Central.

Boudoir Boots [Completed 2nd April]

Bedsocks from a vintage pattern knitted in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, colour 007 (50g 125m/135 yards).

Original pattern will be available online in "Pattern of the Month" in the winter.

Pebbles bag [Completed 2nd April]

Knitted bag in Rowan Chunky Print in colour 081 Shriek (100g 100m/109 yards).
Original pattern available online.

Welly socks [Completed 20th April]

Socks knitted in an Aran weight wool. Vintage Patons pattern and vintage Robin pure wool.

Short and Sweet [Completed (olive) 24th March and (red) 4th August]

Charming (and flattering) top from "The Happy Hooker". Crocheted in Phildar Coton No 4 in colour 08 Jungle (50g 68m/74 yards). Coton No4 is 100% cotton DK. I made this as a birthday present for Alison, which is slightly risky though she seems to like it - the olive colour is good for her but the yarn has a slight sheen, which is not her favourite , and you can never tell if a heavy crochet top will be loved or loathed!

Bonita [Completed 19th March and 20th April]

Simple lace stitch top from Rowan book 41 knitted in Damask colour Basalt number 47 (50g 105m/115 yards). This is DK yarn in a mixed fibre blend 57% viscose, 22% linen, 21% acrylic.
And I had to knit another one for "guess who?" as I liked it so much - whether she needs one or not. Second colour is Molasses 45.

Socks from Web of Wool [Completed 20th February]

Socks knitted in self patterning cotton/wool mix: the pink is Regia Cotton in colour Rosso Surf 5411 (100g 400m/433 yards) and the blue is Schoeller and Stahl Cotton Colour in Lavender 6533 (100g 420m/455 yards). Both were purchased from Web of Wool and knitted using their supplied pattern.

Molly dishcloth [Completed 23rd February]

Cloths knitted in Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton, Hot Pink colour number 1740 and Strawberry Cream colour number 0144 (each 2½oz 109m/120 yards), imported from the US. It is a heavy double knitting/Aran in pure cotton. The dishcloth patterns for "Molly" (and Mason and Dixon "Kay" - the hexagon in the pop-up) is available on-line - along with many others - at Knitting Pattern Central. The square cloth pattern is my own design "Flag".

Jaywalker socks [Completed 11th February]

Socks knitted in wool from Lorna's Laces, Shepherd Sock in colour Lakeview number 504 (2x 2oz skein 198m 215 yards). The now well-known pattern Jaywalker designed by Grumperina, available on-line from Mag Knits.

Furrow [Started 11th February: :Completed 23rd September]

Man's sweater with an interesting knitting technique from Rowan book 40; knitted in a mixture of Tapestry, (50g hanks; 120m/131 yards). Kid Classic, (50g hanks; 140m/151 yards). and Wool Cotton, (50g hanks; 113m/122 yards)