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Tuesday September 18, 2007

Alison: Caister Guernsey - making my mark

As previously mentioned - I planned to knit my father's initials into his sweater. I hope he does not hate it! I wanted to do something rather subtle so planned the size to be small. Here is my chart:


and here is the final result:


I think the intials will be clearer once the sweater is blocked.

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Monday September 17, 2007

Christina: Whitby Gansey - Mothballed

Mothballed - but only temporarily.


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Sunday September 16, 2007

Alison: Christina! Where are you?

I know you were 'waiting for me', and of course you have been seen with another guernsey...( but enquiring minds want to know what you are doing with the Whitby Gansey.

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Alison: Caister Gansey - making a lot of progress

I have been knitting pretty-well full-time on the guernsey. It's amazing how much difference it makes to concentrate on one piece. I also had the benefit of a 3-day teleconference which allowed me to knit the sleeve. I'm really motivated by the progress and keen to move on. I'm knitting on both the body and the sleeves. The sleeves are my 'mindless' knitting as the body does require some concentration and counting.


I've charted out my father's initials to knit into the cuff of the right sleeve. I'm going to make the initials in purls in the stockinette part just above the ribbing.


I re-wrote the pattern to knit the sleeves from the bottom up. The pattern calls for picking up stitches around the arm hole and knitting down, but a) I have not finished the body and wanted to knit the sleeves, and b) I feel that 2 lbs of wool would be somewhat unweildy to be moving around as I turn and knit the sleeves.

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