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Sunday June 22, 2008

Christina: First panel

This is the first half of the scarf. It seems for both Alison and I, it's hard to get a good colour photo of this yarn with the beads. Both are rich deep colours - mine blue (almost navy) and hers a dark rich mahogany brown.


After the first ball of wool, I am knitting a plain section, in order to make the scarf longer.

I really love knitting this - I like the beading and the way it's turning out.
Mmmm shiny things....
However, the fuzzy picture below shows that the beads do sag a little - which is not ideal. It seems to be caused by the kntting itself rather than simply gravity, as the direction of sag is the same regardless of orientation.


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Tuesday June 17, 2008

Alison: River Rock not flowing

I started the River Rock, and while I have knitted about 10" so far, the knitting is rather stalled at the moment. I think this is partly because the knitting is boring, and partly because the beads make it less portable than, say socks. I might try to take it away on my next business trip which would force me to knit on it some more.


However, the effect is really nice. I think the slight wobbliness at the edge will block out.

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