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Saturday December 31, 2016

FO at last

Finally sewed them all up - motivated by the desire to gift them to Wendy and Lloyd for their new baby. This cotton blanket is not very soft and cuddly, so I am not sure that this will be loved as much as my previous pin-woven gift - but it is a work of art...

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Wednesday June 10, 2015

Motifs complete

As above... motifs complete. Now the daunting task of all those ends.
The motifs appear to be all different sizes - but not because of my yarn substitutions; a number of people have mentioned this but been assured that in the blocking and sewing up this will be resolved.

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Saturday April 11, 2015

Rowan Crochet Along

I started the latest Rowan CAL for a crochet baby blanket designed by Lisa Richardson It has only 4 colours, so I was planning to use up some of my vast stocks of 4ply on the project - however I ended up buying supplements.

I tried to emulate the "blue" colourway and I think the combination is quite good - quite "grown up" and not too babyish. [Though I am planning it for a baby].

All my yarns are different thicknesses which is not ideal, but works ok with crochet, and some of them are more ideal for the actual technique than others. I spent some time looking for a navy colour in a suitable yarn only to discover I actually have a whole pack of vintage Sirdar Soft cotton 4ply which is a perfect colour; however, although I am using it, this one is the worst for splitting. The beige colour is Phildar Partner Baby (and I will need to buy a second ball), and the other two colours are Katia "Saigon".
The latter is a little too thick for 4 ply, BUT is absolutely perfect for crochet. It has a "cotton feel" but is acrylic. The Wool Bar praises it in the blog entry a year ago, but I inferred it was a fairly new yarn as I cannot see that it is easily obtainable in the UK. [I bought it while in France searching without success for a Phildar shop in Louvigné-du-Désert - as one does].

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