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Thursday January 31, 2008

Christina: Whitby Gansey - finishing touches

Completed in the nick of time, ready for the weekend, when we see all of George's family for the birthday merriment... and I hope to find a person suited to my gansey... starting with George senior (whose birthday is the day after mine). Use the image pop-up to revel in the glory of the stitch detail.


I am still uncertain who exactly it will fit, but it's the thought that counts apparently!

Two final confessions:
On the ribbed collar I have one purl st where a knit should be - but luckily it is on the inside and completely unnoticeable. [I'd be surprised if that's the only error, but it's the only one I have seen so far].
I have left the threads at the cast off ends of the sleeves, so that I can adjust and finish them on the day, if necessary.

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Wednesday January 23, 2008

Christina: Whitby Gansey - collar

I paused in my work on the sleeves, in order to finish off the neckline. Its bascally a k1,p1, ribbed collar, but with an overlapping band of garter stitch on the left shoulder side, with 3 buttons; however I think the band is loose enough not to need buttoning really. I must say also, I am not sure I have interpreted the pattern correctly (and - again - it needed interpretation!) as it seems a little odd, but it has worked out.


The objective here was to allow George to try on the gansey at this point and see how the sleeve length was going to work out. This turned out to be pretty good - I have 7 or so more inches to knit on the sleeves, which is pretty accurately what the instructions for the decreasing dictate. The bad news is, George is complaining that the gansey is tight around the chest, and as his Father is larger that does not bode well. Looking at the old pictures of ganseys, they are tight to the chest, but George says he "would not want to wear it like that".
So - George's brother-in-law, Tony, who also has his birthday this month, is now a candidate for the gansey as he is "very skinny", (or lithe and fit, I would say!).

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Sunday January 20, 2008

Christina: Whitby Gansey - first sleeve

This is "most" of the first sleeve. Although it does not look very long, it is down to the narrower part, so less knitting to do per round. This was as far as the ball of wool went, so I have started the other side, to avoid forgetting how I did it, and to try and make the sides symmetrical!.


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