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Tuesday October 23, 2007

Christina: Caister Guernsey - saddle shoulder

As I am in California with Alison at the moment I am posting the picture of the saddle shoulder on her guernsey. [She is too busy looking after me to do any blogging..].

The saddle was knitted on to the front sides of the guernsey and then the front and back were cast off together in a three-needle bind off. You can see she has already completed the neck.


It would have been nice to have brought my gansey out here so we could have been united in our knitting for a short period, but I decided that it was too bulky to pack in my luggage.

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Monday October 8, 2007

Alison: Caister Guernsey - Nearing the end

I'm really pressing on with the Caister guernsey. Ive finished the patterning on the body front and back. The next step is to knit the shoulder saddle.


I also need to revisit the sleeves; the pattern calls for 16" sleeves. I knit 18.5" sleeves, but discovered that my father's arms are actually 20.5" long.


I'm also having some concerns that the body will be too short - I need to get my mother to re-measure my father again. If it works out short I will add some more length onto the welt - maybe even re-knit in a different pattern.

To finish on a good note - the front has significantly fewer mistakes than the back....lookit! *


*"Lookit" = California boy-speak

Posted by Alison at 6:59 PM. Category: Ganseys