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Sunday October 5, 2008

Alison: Done - at last

I have finally finished River Rock...having thought this would be a quick knit, it took me ages.


I did not much like knitting with beads - something about having the weight of the beads on the yarn, and having to keep pushing them along out of my way. I also am not so keen on the way the beads hang - but don't know if this is due to using lighter yarn. I also had (and still have) problems with the beads migrating out of the 'rocks'...I twisted both the knits and the purls on each side of the rocks - which helps, but does not prevent the problem.

Having said all that - finished item looks pretty nice. I did not exactly follow the pattern; I faded the beads out of the center section and then faded them in again pretty randomly.

Posted by Alison at 11:16 PM. Category: River Rock Scarf