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Sunday June 19, 2016

Christina: Lily of the Valley


I finished the central lace chart and moved on to the Lily of the Valley border.
I felt I got on a bit better with the border charts. In the first part you increase hugely so it seems more and more of a chore. However by the time you have 200 odd stitches on the needles you are working "one row at a time" and the charts are only about 10 rows long so it was easier for me to adjust to that mentally.

The nupps are quite easy to make on the increase row but I did find decreasing them (purl 5 together) a bit harder - its very easy to accidentally purl 6 together, as the 6th stitch is a yarn over and longs to stay in the nupp. It's also harder working with black yarn. Throughout I never stopped counting the stitches between the nupps.

Overall this is progressing faster than I imagined it would. [But it's not all over yet...]

Posted by Christina at 9:31 PM. Category: Swallowtail Shawl