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Sunshine Series baby shawls and cover III

Pattern ID: Sirdar 254
Wool brand: Sunshine Baby Wool
Yarn quantity: Pram cover (4ply): 9 oz;
Cot cover(4 ply): 19 oz; Shawl (3 ply): 15 oz; Head shawl (3 ply): 7 oz

Sizes: Pram cover (4ply): 19½ x 26 inches;
Cot cover(4 ply): 32½ x 39 inches;
Shawl (3 ply): 46 inches square;
Head shawl (3 ply): 33 inches square

Wool weight: Covers: 4 ply; Shawls: 3 ply
Needle size: 2¾mm, or 3¼mm, or 4½mm,
Tension (10cm): 4 ply covers: 32 sts; 3ply shawl: 26sts; 3ply head shawl: 32sts

Price: SOLD

Description: Charming set of covers and shawls. Pram cover or cot cover (larger) in 4 ply; shawl, and head shawl (smaller) in 3 ply.
The pattern is in good robust condition, with spiral binder holes punched in the left margins.