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Sunday February 24, 2008

Noro socks

O - didn't I say?
They are finished!


Yet another sock from the vintage sock book (girl's lacy socks), I think the rich colours and the pattern go well together. There was minimal give in the fancy welt, so I put in an extra shell pattern (cast on more stitches) as it was too tight, as written, for my chubby little legs; I then decreased again before starting the main pattern. This means the pattern does not evenly match the pattern sets when you continue down the leg, (in case you noticed); however there is a discontinuity between the patterns in the shape of a couple of purl rows, so I was not too worried about this.

Actually, I finished the socks in the week but have been so busy, I had no time to take their photo.
Yesterday, I wore them while getting my hair cut. So when (having failed with the reliable opening gambit of 'did I have any holiday plans') Jayne said "what have you been up to lately, then?" - I was able to show her. I think she was impressed.... she used the word cosy...

Posted by Christina at 9:31 AM. Category: Knitting


They came out really well. How was the yarn to knit with?

Posted by: Alison on February 25, 2008 4:31 PM

I enjoyed knitting with it; it varied in thickness but felt thin, but worsted (and thus strong), and not fluffy. Actually - and strangely - as I knit, I am very affected by colour as well, so the beautiful emergence of the colours added to the pleasure.
There seems quite a bit left over and I am hoping to knit mittens - I may have to add trim in another yarn.

Posted by: Christina on February 25, 2008 7:52 PM