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Thursday December 16, 2021

A little supplement


I've acquired a tiny vintage Stitchcraft Gift Book - originally given free with the monthly magazine for November 1953. Obviously these booklets were very easily cast adrift from their mother craft so I have never seen it before, but it's in amazingly good condition.
The thing that impresses me most is how many items are included in this teeny tiny booklet. So much so that it's something of an eye test to make use of the patterns without a strong magnifying glass (assuming you wanted to), given the diminutive 6 x 4¾ inch page size, and the really small fonts needed to pack in all that variety.
Despite all its charm, needless to say, today's sophisticated consumer would probably not be entirely thrilled to receive these items as "gifts" for the up coming Christmas season.
But I am tempted...

... for Baby
... and Little Sister
... for Big Sister
... presents for the home.
Lots of pretty things to sew and knit... ... for Mothers and Aunts.
Practical Knitting ... for the Men-folk
... for Grannies
... and Cousins.




Posted by Christina at 6:41 PM. Category: Knitting and Crochet


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