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June 2011

Cherry Ripe


A jolly tea cosy to get you in the mood for the real cherry season.
I used brown for the main colour (more practical potential tea-stain colour for my partially sighted Aunt), and I used green for the stems and also crocheted the leaves. I did find making the little crochet bobbles slightly tedious and fiddly but they look so wonderful when you step back and admire the finished cosy.


This cosy is made as 2 flat pieces which are then sewn together to make the hat-like shape. Although I prefer to avoid seaming wherever possible, this is perfect for a cosy as you can tailor the openings to fit your specific teapot. (I never realised this could be an issue until I made a cosy which did not fit my 1930s pot as the spout was set very high). The fancy rib fits snugly around most average pot sizes, making this an excellent design.

Main Cosy (make 2 pieces)

With No 8 needles and main colour M, cast on 47sts and work in pattern as follows:

1st row: k3, * p2, k2; repeat from * to end.
2nd row: k1, * p2, k2; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p1, k1.

These 2 to rows form the pattern..
Continue in pattern until work measures 5ins ending with a 2nd row.

Shape top as follows:-
1st row: * k2tog, k1, p1; repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1. [35 sts].
2nd row: k1, * p1, k2; repeat from * to last stitch, k1.
3rd row: k2, * p1, k2; repeat from * to end.
4th row: as 2nd row
5th row: * k1, p2tog; repeat from * to last 2sts, k2. [24sts]
6th - 8th rows: * k1, p1; repeat from * to last 2sts, k2.
9th row: k1, * k2tog; repeat from * to last stitch, k1.[13sts]
10th row: k1, purl to the last stitch, k1.
11th row: (k2tog) 6 times, k1. [7sts]

Break yarn and leave is on a spare needle or stitch holder.

Work another piece from to

Break yarn, leaving an end. Thread end through stitches on needle and 7sts from other piece left on holder; draw up tightly and fasten securely.

Cherries (make 12 in all)

With No. 8 crochet hook and red yarn (R), make 4 chain and join in a ring with a slip stitch.

1st round: 8dc into ring.
2nd round: 2 dc into each dc of previous round. [16sts]
3rd and 4th rounds: 1dc into each dc of previous round.
5th round: dec1, 8 times [8sts]

Fasten off.
Make 7 more in red (R) and 4 more in wine (W).


With No. 8 crochet hook and brown yarn (B), make 24 chain.
Fasten off.
Make 5 more stems the same.

To Make Up

Join sides of cosy together leaving an opening at each side for handle and spout.
Using same coloured yarn as cherries make small balls (for stuffing) and place inside each cherry.
Sew end of one stem to top of small ball in one cherry and other end to top of small ball in another cherry.
Draw up top of cherries and fasten securely.
Cut 4 felt leaves as illustrated.
Arrange cherries and leaves round top of cosy as in photograph and sew firmly in position.


1 x 50g ball double knitting yarn each in main cream colour (M), red (R), and wine (W) plus an oddment of brown (B).

A pair of No 8 (4mm) needles, and a No 8 (4mm) crochet hook.

Green felt for the leaves, or green yarn to crochet leaves.


24sts x 34 rows to 4 ins over pattern.

Size matters

Width all round: 16ins, (41cm); height: 6ins (15cm).


dec 1: crochet decrease one:- (insert hook in next st and draw loop through) twice, yarn round hook and draw through 3 loops on hook.

dc: double crochet.
[Editor's note: Remember this is English double crochet where dc is equivalent to US single crochet - see "Terminology" in the side bar.]

A word on the wool.

Any standard double knit is suitable, knitting to a tension 22sts x 30rows to 4 ins over stocking stitch.


In transposing any pattern it is always a risk that errors will be introduced, in spite of dedicated proof reading.
If you have any problems with this pattern, please and I will try and assist.

© Christina Coutts 2007

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